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"Pyramid is a progressive company interested in long-term sustainability of the land and its stewardship."

—Dr. Perry Brown, Dean of the School of Forestry, University of Montana

The above quote from Dr. Brown epitomizes the heart and soul of Pyramid Mountain Lumber, Inc. As the company continues to solidify its respected position in the timber industry, all eyes are on the future as the owners and staff work with landowners, loggers, policy-makers, and other leaders to create active management plans to develop healthy forests.

One of the ways healthy forest management occurs is through conservation easements. Modern conservation easements not only protect Montana’s critical wildlife and water resources, but they also provide for selective harvesting to maintain healthy forests. Pyramid Mountain Lumber, Inc. has developed a positive reputation with the conservation organizations which administer these easements. Building such partnerships are vital to forest health while also providing the resources necessary to meet the future timber needs of the American people.

Another way that Pyramid Mountain Lumber, Inc. ensures healthy forests is through its commitment to light-on-the-land harvesting methods. For example, Grapple Skidders raise one end of the logs off the ground which reduces soil disturbance. Also, Cut-to-Length harvesters fall trees with great precision which protects the other trees in the stand. Another example is the use of Log Forwarders which create less ground pressure than a horse.

While the proper use of technology and engineering is heralded, it is truly the logging professionals, talented sawyers and equipment operators well-trained in stewardship principles who set the foundation for the future. Their abilities include expertise in identifying forest health concerns, streamside management zones, and Best Management Practices (BMPs).

Look to the future and join Pyramid Mountain Lumber’s commitment to ensuring healthy and sustainable forests for the generations to come!

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