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Pyramid Mountain Lumber manufactures a wide range of products from custom paneling and decking to 5/4 shop for window treatments. Along with normal 4/4 boards and 8/4 dimension lumber, the mill produces timbers that range in size from 4 x 6 to 16 x 16. Pyramid Mountain Lumber also produces specialty products for log homes.

Contact Mary Ann Morin 406-677-2201 Ext. 23 or Steve Johnson 406-677-2201 Ext. 24 with any questions you may have about our quality lumber products. For invoicing and shipping, call Mary Ann Morin 406-677-2201 Ext. 28 or e-mail Mary Ann at

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Pyramid Mountain Lumber is respected throughout the industry for its quality products.

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We make sure to help with the entire process from manufacturing to delivering!

We can handle any of your wholesale lumber or forest management needs!

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