Timber Management Through Long-Term Relationships

In contrast to large corporations that own their land and thus harvest trees according to their internal policies, Pyramid Mountain Lumber’s timber supply relies on building long-term relationships with landowners.

In fact, two-thirds of all logs processed at Pyramid Mountain Lumber are “Purchase Logs.” This means that Pyramid Mountain Lumber buys its supply of logs from landowners. The process ensures a supply of quality timber for the company while also providing the landowner with professional assistance with their timber management.

To begin the process, a member of Pyramid Mountain Lumber’s forestry resource team will visit the harvest site. This insures the sale owner will get the best dollar value for the harvested logs. Also, Pyramid Mountain Lumber provides free professional forestry advice for loggers and landowners on their site. This helps landowners refine their long-term objectives for their forest’s health. During this time, Pyramid Mountain Lumber and the sale owner will reach agreement on terms of the Purchase Agreement.

Each landowner or owner of the timber sale must obtain a Purchase Agreement prior to delivery. The Purchase Agreement establishes who the contract is with and also:

  • Includes W-9 information for payments
  • States the duration of time in which the logs will be delivered
  • Assigns truck tickets needed for each load brought into the mill
  • Provides educational information on log quality
  • Establishes an agreed price based on specie, log diameter, and log length
  • Defines additional criteria specific to each harvest site.
When the harvested logs are brought to Pyramid Mountain Lumber, every truckload is weighted on our state certified scales and then scaled based upon the Purchase Agreement.

Pay Periods: For logs delivered between the 1st and the 15th, payment is on the 25th of that month. For logs delivered between the 16th and the end of the month will be paid on the 10th of the following month. Our log accountant provides a ‘user friendly’ statement explaining the details of the logs covered by the payment.

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