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Building long-term relationships and actively managing the forests on non-industrial private forest lands is essential to the ongoing success of Pyramid Mountain Lumber. We value those relationships and strive to work with landowners in order to create a mutually-beneficial outcome.

Forests offer income opportunities to landowners from the timber sold. Working with us also offers many other benefits to landowners such as the following:

  • Timber appraisal
  • Land management plans
  • Tree marking
  • Road maintenance
  • Timely harvesting
  • Slash treatment
  • Grass seeding
  • Streamside management
  • Erosion control
  • Fire hazard reduction
  • Timber sale assistance
  • Contract assistance
All of the above depends upon your objectives as a landowner. Do you want a financial return from your timber? Or, are you primarily interested in establishing a habitat for wildlife that provides a healthy environment? What is it that YOU want to accomplish with the land resources you have?

We pride ourselves in offering landowners the expertise of professionals in the fields of forestry. Our forestry resource team has a combined experience base of over 100 years which means you will find knowledgeable persons who will guide you the creation of a management plan and the implementation of a contract.

If you’re considering harvesting your timber or are just interested in improving your forest to a healthier environment, contact Pyramid Mountain Lumber today. We are The Stewardship Company — we do what we say we’ll do and we do it everyday.

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